How to Fix a Water Stain on Your Ceiling

There are many reasons a water stain may suddenly appear on your ceiling. After investigating and finding out why you have a water stain on your ceiling, you are going to want take the proper steps to ensure the water stain won’t come back when re-painting your ceiling.

The good news it is easy to fix a water stain on your ceiling. There are stain blocking primers available at your local paint or hardware store that will fix the problem. The most popular primers available are Zinsser Coverstain primer and Kilz Original oil primer. Both primers are highly effective in stopping any potential water stain from “bleeding” through when re-painting your ceiling with the water stain.

Both Zinsser Coverstain and Kilz Original oil primers are available in convenient spray cans as well as litre and gallon sized cans. Both primers can be top coated with any water based or latex coating after one hour. It is important to give the primer the one hour or more to dry as the oil based primer dries by oxidation, taking oxygen out of the air during the drying process and this drying time will help ensure the primer will properly block your water stain.

Next time you have an unsightly water stain appear on your ceiling drop by your local paint or hardware store. There is a easy to fix a water stain using the the right stain blocking primer.

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