GVHBA Members’ Expo 2016

We had another great turn out this year at this years GVHBA Members’ Expo held at the theatre of the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver on Wednesday May 11 from 3:00pm – 7:30pm.

Sherwood Painting & Decorating Ltd. would like to thank all contractors, supplies, architects, subtrades and guests who dropped by our booth this year. It was great to talk to many familiar faces and meet several new ones.

Congratulations to Jeff Bain of JKB Construction for being this year’s winner of an ipad mini 2 by entering our draw at our booth this year.

Thank you also to the GVHBA for putting on such a wonderful event and we were proud to be a bronze sponsor of the event again this year.GVHBA

A New Year Awaits

Another new year awaits with the excitement and anticipation of what the new year may bring. Now is the perfect time to think about refreshing your home with some new paint. Your next interior painting project can dramatically change the look and feel of your home and add value and an increased sense of pride when updating your decor.

Contact Sherwood Painting today for your free estimate and transform your space in the 2016 new year to what you always dreamed of. Your Metro Vancouver Interior Painting Contractor.

North Vancouver living room area interior painting.

North Vancouver living room area interior painting.

Dining room area re-painted for new year 2016

Dining room area re-painted for new year 2016

Interior painting of upstairs bedroom area for the new year.

Interior painting of upstairs bedroom area for the new year.

12 Helpful Tips for Your Next Exterior Painting Project

Mastered techniques towards executing your next painting project to total perfection are adopted by the experienced painting pros in the business. Their work is fast and also efficient. Every other pro in the trade will have his or her own special kinds of strategies which are their trade secrets. We have run our professional painting company for over 15 years and implemented many of these techniques and tips in our business. Having worked with so many professional painters, watching and learning about their execution of high standards of quality of work on various types of finished projects, we have come up with some unique tips and techniques to the highest standards which can assist you in tackling your next exterior painting project.

P1020691 (800x533)
1. Surface Preparation

Good surface preparation is key for great results for any exterior painting project. If the house needs to be Cleaned first, it should be washed or power washed with a TSP and bleach solution or a common mildew remover to Remove any dirt or mildew on your home prior to painting. All cracks and gaps should be caulked with a quality Brand of quality and all holes and minor defects in the wood And trim should be filled with a proper spackle or Filler and then sanded with an appropriate sandpaper.

2. Using the tinted primers

Tinted primers will help hide your top coats. Make sure to “spot prime” any areas where you have used spackle or Fillers with your tinted primer prior to painting and give a sufficient amount of time before top coating with other Paints. Always read the manufacturer’s directions on the can for proper application and drying times.

3. Use extenders

Extenders are used to give you more working time with the paint. There are both extender products available for oil Based and water based acrylics and latex paints that will allow you more working time with the paint. This is Sometimes important when working in warmer weather or other less than ideal working environments.

4. Drop cloth

Using drop cloths that are made out of a cloth canvas are good in not damaging any surfaces you are working around such as concrete sidewalks, walk ways and decks. A benefit of using a quality cloth canvas drop sheet is that spills are easily removed and they will not penetrate through the drop sheet and damage any underlying surfaces.

5. Keeping a Wet Edge

When you are not done with one side do not jump to the next. Always work in one area
And continue on from this area. This is called keeping a wet edge. This allows for the paint to dry evenly and allow you to brush or roll into the work you have just completed before it has had a chance to start drying. By keeping a wet edge you will obtain professional quality results anyone would be proud of.

6. Masking and Taping

Make sure all surface are clean before trying to tape to them. Dust them off and wipe them down prior to taping. Make sure all areas are adequately taped and masked to protect any surfaces that you don’t want painted.

7. Consistency

When paint is manufactured it is made in batches. When purchasing new paint for your exterior painting project try To purchase the amount of paint you require to complete the entire project. Paint can vary slightly from one batch to the next so Make sure to always check each can or pail of paint to make sure it matches to all the Others. This can be done by taking a wet sample from one can or paint of paint and Added it to the other to see if the color looks consistent from one can or pail to the Next.

8. Cleaning Tools

Roller sleeves and brushes need to be washed with warm soapy water for latex paints and the appropriate solvent for oil based paints. Wrapping your brushes or roller sleeves in plastic can be okay for the short term but will dry out quickly over time.

9. Cleaning Products

Use a proper cleaner with walls that are dirty or have mold or mildew present. Make Sure to use a good quality TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) and bleach solution or a pre-Made mildew remover such as “30 second cleaner” when preparing for your next Exterior painting project.

10. Brushing Technique

Always start with the loaded brushes rather than wiping off on the edge of the paint can Time after time. After the brush is dipped, tap it side to side in the paint can to hold the Paint in place.

11. Hire a Professional

Call for professionals for assistance. Always hire a professional painting contractor such as Sherwood Painting & Decorating, Your Metro Vancouver Painting Contractor to complete your exterior painting project with Great results and professional service.

12. Lowest Price is Not Always the Best

Do not work on costs constraints alone but look at the quality of the work. Going for the Cheapest price is not always the best. Meeting with 2 or 3 different painting companies And getting comprehensive estimates with detailed quotes outlining the scope of work to Be completed, check references, their liability insurance and making sure they are covered with worker’s compensation coverage and this will help you choose a painting company not only by price but with quality and peace of mind knowing that the company you have Chosen is a professional in their industry.

Blog post by: Mike Ponych for Your Metro Vancouver Painting Contractor

10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in House Painting

Exterior House Painting

 We all love our house and try our level best to make it look attractive and beautiful. If you need to renovate or revive the look of your house, you can get your house painted and give a new fresh mode to the interior or exterior faucad. The supplementary factors that assist your house to look beautiful are the interiors which match the colour of the house. There are ample of reasons which proves that why should you paint your home.

1.  Refresh the style of your house: Painting provides a fast revival of the house. As the aesthetics change, you feel your house new again. Sometimes, after a year or so the colour of the walls gets faded or dirty so it becomes essential to improve the condition of the house.

2.  Enhance the real book value of the house: A well furnished house has a high value in the market. As it promotes your reason of investment, a well maintained home would give you a high incremental value of the house.

3.  Improves ambience of the house: A new painted house refreshes the air and promotes hygiene. The overall ambience of the home changes and spreads air of affection and warmth in the house.

4.  Very Affordable: It is a small investment with great returns. If you decide to paint the house, you need not spend a high amount; painting is an inexpensive choice for a makeover of your home.

5.  Positive energy flow: An updated freshly painted house promotes positivity, comfort and a good feel in the environment. It gives you a pleasant homely feeling spreading happiness all around. Shabbiness and dampness in the house create negativity and dullness in the house.

6.  Act as defense: It is important to paint your house in frequent intervals because the house is vulnerable to weather attacks, insects and other climatic damages which diminish the quality of the dwelling. Regular painting of the home helps to maintain the exterior and interior surfaces.

7.  Enhanced Cleanliness: The most common reason of getting your house painted is the aspect of cleanliness of the house. Good quality paints remove any kind of dirt and dust from the painted surfaces of your home. If you are worried due to the untidiness of your home, plan to get your house painted.

8.  Regular maintenance: The house is just like a baby, you need to take care of it as a family member. It requires regular attention and maintenance for keeping it as new as ever. There are certain marks and stains which spoil the beauty of the house, hence if you get your house painted, the house would remain new and easy to maintain.

9.  Give a sumptuous appeal to the house: House painting with rich colours and exquisite interiors has a class of its own. Extending you efforts to improve the remodeling of the house, painting with trusted brands and good quality paints would improve the health of your dwelling.

10.  Protects exterior walls: House painting protects your home from exterior damage and enhances the exterior look of the house.

Blog post by: Mike Ponych for Your Metro Vancouver Painting Contractor

The Biggest Trends in Interior Painting For 2014

If you are bored of seeing those white walls from a long time, you might be surely looking forward to hire an
interior designer and get some renovation done to your house. However, the most difficult question that arises in
front of the home owner is colour selection for painting the walls.

Considering browsing the web can be an outstanding way of collecting some information regarding the latest trends in interior painting. It will also help you to a great deal in finalizing the colour of the walls that are in accordance to the latest trends and also match the existing décor of your house.

A right colour selection can bring about a dramatic change in the aura of your household. You can also discuss your requirements with your interior decorator and get the best results.

Here are some standouts that are into the trend and can prove to be a great option for your household.

Indigo Night (Glidden GLU21)
Glidden Indigo Night GLU21
It is a soothing colour from the house of Glidden. The color is somewhat mid night blue covering a bit of purple and can provide a relaxing feel to the surroundings, making them perfect to escape and get lost.

Turning OakLeaf (Pittsburg ATF-38)
Pittsburn ATC-38 Turning Leafoak
Another appealing choice in 2014 is the Turning Leaf ATC-38 from the house of Pittsburg Paints. This luminous, pale yellow color provides a smooth touch to the walls and an enlightened vibe. Having this colour in your home will surely provide a feel good factor in the surroundings.

Sea Haze (Benjamin Moore 2137-50)
BM 2137-50 Sea Haze
This colour is a gray with a touch of green. Gray is becoming popular these days and an increasing use of complex grays in combination with other colours is noticed. People mostly prefer quiet surroundings and gray is a perfect fit for such choices.

Salmon Run (Valspar 2002-6B)
Valspar Salmon Run 2002-6B
This colour from the house of Valspar has a touch of pink with undertones of chalky gray. This pretty colour is soft and warm and is capable of providing a classic look to the interiors.

Sunspot (Pratt & Lambert 11-10)
Pratt & Lambert Sunspot 11-10
If you wish to get the walls of your house painted with rejuvenating colours, this golden yellow color can be a great option for you. This color not only provides a vibrant look to the room but also brings a motivating feeling to the surrounding.

Classic French Gray (Sherwin Williams 007)
Sherwin-Williams Classic French Gray SW 007
This is yet another shade of gray that is driving the people’s preferences. This sophisticated and elegant gray can be perfectly used with materials like linen and wood and enhances the overall appeal of the room.

Linden Green (Pantone 15-0533)
Pantone Linden Green 15-0533
The shades of green have always been used by the people for living into a peaceful environment resembling the lap of nature. This colour has found its place in the recent trends and is used by people for providing a refreshing look to their household.

Having an understanding of the recent trends in colour pallets help you to a great deal in enhancing the charm and
looks of your household. Getting the house painted with an elegant colour that complements the furniture and décor
of your house will surely provide it a lavish look you have always wanted.

Reference colour trends:

Blog post by: Mike Ponych for Your Metro Vancouver Painting Contractor

Which wood stain do I choose?

Choosing the proper wood stain can be confusing and a little overwhelming when beginning your wood staining project. Choosing the proper wood stain all depends on what type of wood your are staining. The 3 most common wood stains are wiping stains, penetrating stains and gel stains.

A wiping stain will work well on most soft woods such as fir and pine and hard woods such as maple, oak and cherry. Wiping stains are easy to work with and typically dry faster than other stain leaving you more time to apply any clear coat protection to your stained wood.

A penetrating stain works well on hard woods such as birch, ash, alder, maple, oak and cherry. Penetrating stains penetrate into the wood helping seal and protect the wood and will give you a rich uniform appearance.

Gel stains are the thickest of these 3 most common stains. Gel stains works well on staining both interior or exterior wood and are also used in staining metal and fibreglass such as grained fibreglass doors. When staining a fibreglass door it is best to paint on a undercoat closer to what the grain of the wood looks like. This will insure that the stain has adhesion to the paint rather than the fibreglass giving the stain something to
grab to.

Keep in mind with darker stains a wood conditioner can be used. This is particularly more important with soft woods such as fir and pine as the wood may stain blotchy if a conditioner is not used first. The conditioner will open up the grain of the wood to absorb the stain evenly. However, it is best to test the stain after applying the conditioner as the conditioner will make your stain appear lighter than if you applied the stain directly to the wood.

Whether you choose a wiping stain, penetrating stain or gel stain, please remember it is very important to sand your wood first. Now that you have chosen the type of stain you would like to use the next step is stain colour selection.

Blog post by: Mike Ponych for Your Metro Vancouver Painting Contractor